Một ngày trong đời của 1 Kỹ sư QS Quantity Surveyor

Một ngày trong đời của 1 Kỹ sư QS Quantity Surveyor

08/01/2021 / Nguyễn Thế Anh

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Một ngày trong đời của 1 Kỹ sư QS Quantity Surveyor - A day in the life of a Quantity Surveyor

Qua video và bài khóa dưới đây bạn sẽ cùng một lúc đạt đạt được mấy điều sau: Luyện nghe tiếng Anh với nhiều thuật ngữ chuyên ngành QS, biết về công việc thường ngày của 1 Kỹ sư QS ở nước ngoài, luyện đọc và học các từ vựng ở cuối bài nhé.


Hi. My name is Amanda. Xin chào tôi là Amanda.

I'm a chartered Quantity Surveyor. My job is advising clients on how much a proposed building should cost and then assisting with the realization of their dreams. Clients are passionate about their projects and I need to ensure they receive value for money and are satisfied with the end product. For those clients embarking on a construction project for the first time they need extra guidance with regard selecting the right contractor, using the right contract, paying the right amount and avoiding pitfalls.

Usually I work with a team of other QS to prepare tender documents and advise on the most suitable contractor for a project.  During a construction project a value the work completed by a contractor and arrange for his next payment on behalf of clients. What I love is that I can be working on a number of projects at any one time. Ranging from small domestic housing projects to large commercial developments.

On a normal day I am out and about meeting the project team appraising the design as it develops, talking to contractors suppliers and ensuring I know the current cost of materials in the marketplace as you can see it's always varied and interesting. I give the best advice you need to thoroughly understand how a building is put together, what the component parts are and the cost and what alternatives are available. I also need to work as a professional and have ethical values to uphold being seen to be honest and fair with regards working with others. Today I'm reviewing the measure of an office building structure which my team have prepared for CAD drawings. I'll be reporting to the client with an updated cost by the end of the week tomorrow. I'm visiting one of my construction projects to prepare the monthly interim payment recommendation. Then I'm going to an early seminar at a local hotel to discuss the latest government thinking with regards to how buildings are handled once they've been completed. It's a bit like picking up a new car. You need to know how it works and some builders can be quite complex. Always busy.